HelpCom 850

Caring for your health and your home  

OpenXS HelpCom 850 Medical and Intrusion Alarm Series marks a watershed in the evolvement of medical alarm systems. One of the first of OpenXS’s wireless medical alarms to be integrated with an intrusion alarm system, the HelpCom 850 Series not only provides thorough care for your loved ones at home but also protects your house and property when you are away. Incorporating various cutting-edge telecare technologies, the HelpCom 850 Series features a new, user-friendly three-button design that fully utilizes the flexibility and versatility of the system. The user can summon emergency help by one press on the red button and arm his house by one press on the yellow button. Events happening at home will be reported to the monitoring center via the Contact ID, Tunstall (TT New) or OpenXS portal communication protocols. Living under protection and going in and out in peace have never been easier.