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The Livind system is an intelligent home automation application for the elderly. The system uses small wireless sensors capable of recognizing changes in behavior of residents’ daily activities. When the system detects an abnormality it will alert the family, neighbor or caregiver. The Livind system makes it possible to gain efficiency but with quality of life and safety for the elderly. 

The wireless sensors observe / collect actions of the elderly. This is transported wirelessly to the gateway. The gateway is connected to the central server via the internet (fixed line / mobile data). The central server detects abnormalities in behavior and sends them to the caregiver / family. The elderly and caregiver can setup the abnormalities, rules and who receives the messages. 

The wireless sensors are small and easy to place. The life time of the battery is minimum one year. Placement can be done with adhesive tape or a screw. All the sensors communication works on 868 Mhz this is a special reserved band for security hardware. 

There are two kinds of frontends, one is the mobile phone and the other is the web interface. The mobile phone gets the SMS messages the server sends out when there is a rule triggered. In the future it will also be possible to get a limited view on the current status. We call this a traffic light application. 


The other frontend is the web interface where caregivers can login to get a closer look on the current status of their elderly, see also the illustrative screenshot below, Fig4. In the right corner there is a “digital post-it ” where the caregivers can leave or edit a simple text message or reminder. This can be used for themselves or for communications with professional caregivers.