Independent market analysts now recognize us “early market leader in 3rd generation proven healthcare technology”

Community-dwelling older adults

Home automation that allows for eHealth services is increasingly becoming a tool to help older adults live independently and to improve perceived safety and security. The number of older adults receiving professional care, in relation to housing, on a daily basis is not very large. The majority of older adults live in the community.

Ambient Intelligent Technology (AIT)

The ambient intelligent technology solution (AIT) by OpenXS is an integrated system that combines much functionality for community-dwelling (older) adults, who are entitled to receiving nursing home care based on official assessments. The technology has already been implemented among approx. 1000 people in several areas in the Netherlands.

Privacy should be retained

Having tested extensively over the past three years, together with engaged consultants, we have a clear understanding of the perceptions of independent living, the role and quality of care received, and how people think technology can support them in their daily lives wherein the privacy should be retained at all times.

Design, Develop & Distribute

Design starts by understanding how people work in the real world, and then create the best system that's technically feasible. The one given across all sectors of healthcare today is that change is coming. If that change is to lead to dramatic improvements in the effective and efficient care of patients, our hard and software must be redesigned from the floor up.